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Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting lately. I have been kind of busy making another illustration and sketching the one that follows it. But last month was really great.
At least I was able to finish my mermaid after I left it at one side in order to make another one for the Watercolor Museum's Contest. I was really relieved because it took more than five months to finally finish it. Then there was another contest in the Cuernavaca's City Museum so I decided to enter with the mermaid. Several friends also entered to the contest, and even when I didn't feel too eager to go at the opening's day, I went because I wanted to see who would win. If you win, besides having the chance of your painting being exhibited there at the museum you could get an honorific mention. So I went.
I was sitting at the side of one of my friends, when they suddenly said her name so she could get her mention. So I was happy for her and at the moment she was coming back they said my name! I was really excited so I went there in order to receive my honorific mention and felt like receiving my honor diploma on elementary school, yeah, it was similar.

So the art gallery exhibition opened, and I received many compliments as well as my friends, so it was a great day.
Besides, my father came to visit my brother and I so I told him about the gallery and we went to check it out. He was happy for me, even he would prefer me getting a job (still looking for one, I swear).
Oh, I forgot to take a picture of me and my father there! Maybe next time.
Well, take care and see you soon.

<![CDATA[Watercolor painting's contest for amateurs. How it went :).]]>Thu, 30 Jul 2015 00:07:16 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/watercolor-paintings-contest-for-amateurs-how-it-wentHi everyone! Last month I was able to enter a painting for a contest organized by a museum only focused on watercolor paintings, called Museo de la Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo, in Mexico City. The contest consisted on sending your painting with an specific theme, if you are selected you are able to participate on the anual group's exhibition and share your painting during a couple of weeks :).
At first I thought my painting wouldn't participate because didn't receive any phone call, but I was wondering about it days after the opening so I called there and it resulted I was accepted(*^^)v! XD I was so happy I went quickly to Mexico City in order to take pictures as memento and as something to keep on my curriculum just in case. Well, it's my first time in an event like that, so why I would't be excited about it? The bad thing is that because I thought I hadn't been accepted, I didn't when to the exhibition's opening. I will be careful next time. Good day!
<![CDATA[Papusetichi]]>Mon, 16 Mar 2015 06:22:22 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/papusetichi皆さん、おはようです( 'ч' )。
昨日は私の町の 都心へ行って、友達の 美術展を見に行きました。
でも、今は行ったのがよかったです。やっぱり、友達は上手ですよね(・3・) エェー。
この水彩画のテクニックはPapusetichiと言います。絵を見ると、細胞またいかな(。・_・。)ノ。友達の名前はCarlos Camposです、昔から描いて、人材です。
Hi everyone. Yesterday I went to the art's exhibition from a friend of mine.
Actually, because it was at the center of the city, kind of far from my house, wasn't able to go the first day, but I'm glad I could visit it before it finished(*´v`).
My friend is really talented, his name is Carlos Campos, he has painted watercolor for a long time. The technique of these paintings is called Papusetichi.
I need to get better and do my best with my illustrations too, or I will get behind ( 'ч' ).
Cheers! (^-^)/
<![CDATA[Painting Workshop]]>Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:29:10 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/painting-workshop皆さん、おはようです(*^^)v。昨日、水彩画のクラスで、先生の友達 Jorge Cardenas Acevesは絵画ワークショップを上げてくださいました。自分の好きな手法を見せて、皆の前でインキを使って素敵なギターを描きました[彩りました?( ̄▽ ̄)]。水彩画の景色も見せてくださいました。上手ですね。どうもありがとうございました。

Good day everyone. Yesterday, the friend of our watercolor class's teacher, Jorge Cardenas gave us a painting workshop. He showed us his techniques painting in front of us a beautiful guitar painted with color ink. He also painted some landscapes with watercolor. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your art with us (´ 。•ω•。)っ⌒♡。
<![CDATA[Mexico's looking for a real change. メキシコは本当の変革を探しています。]]>Fri, 21 Nov 2014 20:02:51 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/mexicos-looking-for-a-real-changeHi everyone. Long time I don't post here, but I have been kind of busy lately with several projects and wasn't able to write about anything.

But because the last events in my contry gave me a reason to post about something very important.

Sorry I can't explain it on japanese, but my japanese skills are still really low.

This article cames from Wikipedia:

On September 26, 2014, 43 male students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers' College of Ayotzinapa went missing in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. According to official reports, they had travelled to Iguala that day to hold a protest against what they considered to be discriminatory hiring and funding practices by the Mexican government. During the journey local police intercepted them and a confrontation ensued. Details of what happened during and after the clash remain unclear, but the official investigation concluded that once the students were in custody, they were handed over to the local Guerreros Unidos ("United Warriors") crime syndicate and presumably killed.

Mexican authorities believe Iguala's mayor, José Luis Abarca Velázquez, and his wife María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa to be the probable masterminds of the abduction. Both of them fled after the incident, along with the town's police chief, Felipe Flores Velásquez. The couple were arrested about a month later in Mexico City. The events also led to attacks on government buildings, and the resignation of the Governor of Guerrero, Ángel Aguirre Rivero, in the face of statewide protests. The mass kidnapping of the students arguably became the biggest political and public security scandal Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had faced during his administration. It led to nationwide protests, particularly in the state of Guerrero and Mexico City, and international condemnation.

On November 7, 2014, the Mexican Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam gave a press conference in which he announced that several plastic bags containing human remains, possibly those of the missing students, had been found by a river in Cocula, Guerrero. He said that 74 suspects had been arrested, including members of Guerreros Unidos who had confessed to killing the students and disposing of their remains. Investigations are underway to identify the remains.



The sad thing is that these students came from rural, poor communities, and were preparing to become rural teachers. They just wanted to protest against government and that was the only reason they were probably killed. The sad truth is that when you disappear in Mexico, you're are probably dead. The nation is crying at the side of the student's parents and are speaking about finding the truth, why did this happened. People wants the president to give explanations and to quit his charge because they think he knew about the planned killings.

Then, in social media we were informed that in support of the disappeared students we should have marchs all around the country, wear black clothes and protest at the cities' centers on November 20th. The biggest one happened at the Zocalo (Plaza) in Mexico City. During the night things started to get dangerous. Some people organized the burning of a doll that looked like the president Peña Nieto and then they threw things like molotov bombs and fighted with the police. It's just because we are so tired of crime here, everyday, every year.


<メキシコ>学生不明で政府に怒り、デモ数万人 http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20141121-00000106-mai-s_ame

The protest went out of proportions.


I know it´s hard to understand, but my country is pretty bad right now. I don't know if we need a revolution, more protests, to change the government completely, but this won't get better for several years, until crime linked to politics will completely disappear from here. I hope it will happens someday soon.

<![CDATA[At least, the most complicated drawing never drawn by me :P]]>Thu, 11 Sep 2014 03:48:30 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/at-least-the-most-complicated-drawing-never-drawn-by-me-pHi Everyone! Today I was able to finish a drawing that took me about 2 months to finish. It wasn't just because I haven't felt well lately, but because it was kind of complicated to paint it properly, including the small details.
It all began when I felt like drawing a library. I love books, so I wanted to express my feelings for them on this illustration. I inspired in some pictures I saw on internet, and thought it would be ok, but, when I started drawing I realized I wasn't kind of ready for sketching such a complicated scenario for the characters :(...

The characters are the easiest's things to put on paper, but what about the scenario?

I decided what kind of colors to use for every character. Then the long way of thinking what to put behind them started. Took me several days because of stress and another issues I had because my anxiety disorder. But I didn't give up.

The books and everything behind the dolls were so complicated I got confused and kind of stuck. I wonder if this happens to every illustrator. I hope not, is tiring :O. Painting the lines for every book was such a headache, really! XD

And here it is! My newest work, after weeks of headache and pain but I think it worthed it :). Of course I learned my lesson: I need to learn how to draw more complicated things, create scenarios and buy better watercolor, hehe. I got some suggestions from several friends about what kind of watercolor and paper to use, and I want to give it a try to better materials. Next works will be less complicated, in order to practice the basics again until I can do it better. I'm thinking about fairies and mermaids for next time. O tanoshimi ni shite kudasai ne! ;)
<![CDATA[Xochitalco]]>Tue, 12 Aug 2014 03:53:44 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/xochitalco
土地の名前はXochicalco(650 - 900 AC ). といいます。



Hi Everyone! Long time I don't post over here. I have been really down lately, sorry.
But yesterday, I decided to go with my family to an ancient place, named Xochicalco, an hour away from our city.
Xochicalco's name means 'The place of the house of flowers'.
The museum there is a little small, but it has several archeological objects. I took a lot of pictures over there.

出土ものがすごかったです。The archeological objects were amazing.
このジャガーの彫刻が何とか中国の竜の彫刻に似てるでしょうか。不思議ですよね。 Don't you think this sculpture of a jaguar looks a lot alike the chinese dragons? Very curious right?
外で遺跡をみて、ピラミドも、洞も、昔の天文台もあります。景色もすごかったです。Outside, you will find the ruins of the city: piramids, man made caves and ancient observatories.
天気の暑さのせいで疲れましたか゛、楽しかったで、また来るかな。またね! Because of the hot and sunny weather I got a little tired, but it really worthed, I think I will come back sometime soon. Cheers!
<![CDATA[Learning drawing from the scratch.]]>Sun, 18 May 2014 22:47:38 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/learning-drawing-from-the-scratch
Hi everyone, today I went to an art and drawing school here in my city, and I´m trying to learn the basics of drawing, because even I draw illustrations, I still don´t know some of the basics, so I need to learn everything from the beginning.
I draw this kitty in order to practice shadows and sources of light. It seems simple but I fighted a lot with the pencil in order to make shadows stronger, because I take the pencil different so I need to give extra strenght to my hand and is kind of painful after a couple of minutes. Anyway, I was able to finish it kind of properly :P.
I will do my best next time. I want to learn how to draw human body and movements soon, also computer painting XD.

See you!
<![CDATA[Happy Mothers Day 2014]]>Sun, 11 May 2014 04:35:14 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/happy-mothers-day-2014
皆さん、お久しぶりです( ・ิω・)ノ ิ 。実は最近に忙しくて、ポストをしたことないし。ごめんなさいm(_ _)m。
Hi everybody, long time we don't see! Actually I have been very busy, with work and everyting, I apologize...
As everybody knows, today was Mother's Day, so I gave a present to my mom, and she gave a present to my grandmother too. Also, she prepared a carrot cake with a new recipe, and it was yummy! This recipe is pretty similar to the ones from restaurant´s cakes I have tried before, so it deserves a 10 for sure. Well, see you soon!
<![CDATA[Feeling some nostalgia about my living in Tokyo^-^]]>Mon, 24 Feb 2014 04:56:30 GMThttp://kirausamaria.weebly.com/blog/feeling-some-nostalgia-about-my-living-in-tokyoHi everyone. Taking aside the hardships I suffered during my last months in
Japan because of influenza and anxiety crisis, there's several things I miss
about living there. I made a little list about things I miss a lot:

safety almost everywhere and everytime of the day. There it was the first time I
was able to walk under the nightlights and enjoy the nightlife, specially the
gay district.

The gay district's bar: bartenders and ladies there where
so polite and the atmosphere was so relaxed I felt confident and happy. I just
wish I could have gone more often, but you know, everything is expensive there

The several places you can go by train. You can visit several
areas in just one day thanks to the subway. Depending of you station you can
find calm areas, store areas, zoos, acuarium, spas and onsen baths, parks,
nature and temples, everything can be found in Tokyo, it's true ^^!

convenience stores: Full of yummy things, like instant soups (much better than
the nissin ones :P), desserts, snacks, traditional foods depending the season
and different drinks like green tea milk and grean tea cappucino .
curry pasta and shichuu pasta packs were so yummy if you prepare them with some
vegetables, I wish I could get them from here but pretty sure it would be
expensive *_*.

The public baths, onsen, the big bathub in my sharehouse,
I wish I could have one here...and the bath powder were great! The bath powders
are aromatic powders that you put inside your bathtub and help you to relax, or
feel like you're in an onsen bath, or makes your skin look healthier and softer.
There's hundreds of them, different aromas and purposes.

The hundreds of
stores you can visit there is amazing. From little to big bookstores, little
theme cafes, jewerly, toys, sanrio stores (you know)...you can never get bored
while having a walk around ^-^.

The UFO Catchers: Really, I was addicted
to them, even it costed me money to get little plushes or big ones, cellphone
straps or little figures. I couldn't walk without trying to get a little bunny
or rilakuma bear from thoses machines. The good thing is that getting a prize
from these machines are much easier than the one we have here with ugly and
cheap plushes ^-^;.

The maccha anko mochi, like little rice candies with
sweet bean inside and polvered with some maccha tea outside, chewy and with a
pretty soft flavor .
  The green tea cookies: From any kind, I loved them! My
favorites were a cheap ones I had the chance to taste while having to sleep
inside a web-cafe (I don't like sleeping inside web-cafes :P), with chocochips
inside. I ate a lot ^-^!

Green tea chocolate, a must have snack, it
really tastes good ^-^!

The art and illustration galleries: Because I
want someday to share or publish my illustrations, I was amazed how
illustrator's works were so appreciated there, with their own exhibitions, goods
and toys dedicated to them. There's even a magazine dedicated to illustrators
(it's name is MOE, I got some of them), and I wish I could be someday in that
magazine .
  The feeling of sleeping inside a futon bed in a tatami room

  The Sukiya and Yoshinoya restaurants: very cheap but yummy

  The big bookstores and art stores.

  The Tonkotsu
ramen, made with pig bones boiled during more than a day, it's so juicy and full
of calories XD!

Wow, this post was larger than I thought. Sorry but I
had to take out from my chest and share my experiences with you. Well, good